Computers aren't difficult

Let's tackle them, together

Code has passed us by

And it's no secret. Technology has become something so easy to access but so easy to become a consumer of, the world has taken that mentality on. Decode, a project based in New Zealand is one that tries to reverse that mentality, empowering people with technology so that they may use it and it may not use them.


Decode supplies a model for schools and other organisations to run sessions that allow students to explore technology in a way that they enjoy, and a way that allows them to learn a lot. You can find a local session today, or volunteer your time to make sessions better. This could be in the form of running your own sessions, or joining a current one as a mentor.

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Either as a tool for sessions or for anyone who wants to learn more about coding and computers in general, we're populating an archive of valuable lessons. Start now by going to the Learn page or choosing a category right here.

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